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The cutting method of the slitting machine

1. Round knife slitting
Circular cutting can be divided into tangent cutting and non tangent cutting.
Tangent cutting refers to the cutting of data from the tangent direction of the upper and lower disc cutters. This type of cutting is convenient for tool comparison, and the upper and lower disc cutters can be directly adjusted in position according to the cutting width request. Its disadvantage is that the data is very simple, and there is a drift phenomenon at the segmentation point, so the accuracy is not high, which is usually not necessary nowadays.
Non tangent cutting is a process where there is a certain angle between the data and the lower disc cutter. When the lower disc cutter falls, the data is cut open. This segmentation method can make the data less prone to drift and has high segmentation accuracy. But adjusting the knife is not very convenient. When removing the disc knife device, the entire shaft needs to be removed. The circular knife is suitable for cutting thick composite films and paper.
2. Squeezing and slitting
Squeezing and slitting are not commonly seen, and they are mainly composed of bottom rollers that synchronize with the data speed and have a certain wrap angle with the data, as well as pneumatic knives with convenient adjustment. This cutting method can cut thin plastic films as well as thick paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. It is a relatively convenient cutting method. It is a development direction of slitting machine slitting methods.

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